How to go Phang Nga - From Bangkok to Phang Nga Thailand by Car

How to go Phang Nga - From Bangkok to Phang Nga Thailand by Car

Despite feeling a bit tired for long distance of more than 800 km, it is good to enjoy seeing nature along Highway 4 or Petchakasem Road.

When arriving at Chumphon, the gateway to the Southern Region, take Highway 41 of four lanes to Surat Thani and then turn right to Highway 401 for 40km passing Ban Ta Kun District. Continue driving to Ban Pang Guan Neuo Cross-road and and turn left turn left to Highway 415 about 50 km. When reaching the Cross-road, turn right to Highway 4 for 10 km to Tap Put District of Phang Nga and turn left to Highway 415. Drive about 30 km until seeing the cross road and turn right straight to Phang Nga.

This is popular route for tourists of Koh Similan or Phang Nga Town covering the distance of 836 km which will take about 10 hours diving.

For Mu Koh Surin trip, having to board the ship at Khuraburi which is Ranong Province, tourists will have to use another route passing Ranong. When reaching Chumphon, go further along the road of two lanes curving up and down the moutains passing Khuraburi District to Mu Koh Surin National Park Office not far from the pier and park your car at this area. If you plan to visit Phang Nga after Mu Koh Surins trips, drive to Kog Loi Sub District, turn left to Takua Thung District and go to Phang Nga Town taking 788 km. a shorter distance but steep and curved roads.
Nevertheless, it is more convenient to go along the highway to Surat Thani firstly and then forward to Phang Nga where the road is of asphalt. You will be impressed by the wonderful view along the way, the so-called Mae Hong Son of the South

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